King of the Road

Rt. 66 King of the Road Burger Challenge

King of the Road Burger Challenge ContestantRoute 66 “King of the Road” Burger Challenge Rules

If you want a challenge and some fun, this challenge will help you and your friends determine who’s KING! Participate in our “Rt. 66 King of the Road Burger Challenge”.

King of the Road Burger Challenge Rules:

The Cookin’ From Scratch “Road Crew” reserves the right to make necessary changes to make the Challenge fair and possible for all Challengers.

Meal includes:

66 oz. Burger w/Bun and 9 pieces of American cheese
1.5 lbs. fresh cut French fries
Pickles slices
Lettuce, Tomato and Onion

Challenge Rules:

  1. The entire meal must be eaten within 66 minutes. If any of the meal is left uneaten, the challenger is disqualified.
  2. The challenger must sit at the designated table provided.
  3. The challenger may eliminate two of the three set-up items (lettuce, tomato, onion). A Road Crew member will substitute the chosen 2 items for an equal amount (by weight) of fries.
  4. The challenger may check their burger before the start time to make sure it tastes correctly and is done properly.
  5. A Road Crew member begins the time when the challenger signals their approval. The challenger needs to be ready before they signal, because the Road Crew member does not stop the time once it has started.
  6. Once the Road Crew starts the clock, the challenger is not allowed to stand or leave their designated seating area. No one is allowed in the challenger’s area, or to touch their food.
  7. No one is allowed to help the challenger with their food in anyway. If someone helps, the challenger is disqualified.
  8. If the challenger becomes ill, the challenge is over. The challenger is disqualified. The Road Crew has provided containers in the event of illness.

The challenger pays the Challenge Fee before the start of the Route 66 King of the Road Challenge. If the challenger wins, the Road Crew returns all of the Challenge Fee.

If the challenger does not win the Challenge, the challenger is not permitted to share leftovers with anyone in the restaurant.

If the challenger does not win the Challenge, the challenger is allowed to take the leftovers home.

A Road Crew member judges whether the challenger completed the Challenge correctly.

A Road Crew member judges whether the challenger is the WINNER!

Note: The Challenger assumes all responsibilities and acknowledges they have voluntarily entered into this Challenge. The Challenger acknowledges that Cookin’ From Scratch/Ozark Oil Co. L.L.C. and all of its sponsors shall not be held liable for any situations, in anyway. The Challenger acknowledges that Cookin’ From Scratch/Ozark Oil Co. L.L.C. may use their name, photo, or likeness for promotional situations and events. The Challenger agrees and allows the said mentioned company to do so with no monetary remuneration or owed entitlements.

Become King of the Road

Stop by our restaurant today and become the next King of the Road!


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